Proposed Expansion Plans

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Get excited! Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District’s proposed expansion plans will have you jumping for joy.  

After a two-year process to determine the needs of our growing community and assess the feasibility and cost to add facilities to the Carbon Valley region, we’re excited to share the proposal for our expansion plan. 

Our community engagement process yielded feedback from more than 2,000 people and our proposed plans include:

A Second Rec Center

  • Proposed location at Firestone’s Central Park          
  • Full-service, encompassing over 30,000 square feet 
  • Fitness studio and a weight/cardio room
  • Gymnasium and a walking/jogging track 
  • Child sitting center 
  • Party room 
  • Dedicated locker rooms for rec center and water park users

A New Outdoor Water Park

  • Planned for Firestone’s Central Park adjacent to the proposed second rec center
  • Large water park with several water slides, a splash pad, kiddie pool, leisure pool, and lap pool
  • Shade cabanas 
  • Separate locker rooms 
  • Dedicated food truck parking

New Tennis and Pickleball Courts

  • Proposed location adjacent to the outdoor water park and rec center, connected by sidewalks 
  • Tennis courts
  • Pickleball courts 
  • Enclosed by screens / gates 
  • Lined by trees on the south side

New Senior Center Fitness Room

  • Expansion onto the south side of the senior center
  • 1,000 square feet of dedicated fitness space 
  • Natural light and great views
  • Opens onto an outdoor patio 

If you’re as excited about these proposed plans as we are, download this fact sheet and share it with your neighbors.

Making our Proposed Plans a Reality

This all looks exciting, but you might be wondering what it will take to bring these plans to life. The total cost of this project is estimated at just over $30 million, the majority of which is in capital construction costs. 

It’s common for organizations like the District to ask voters to consider increasing their property taxes to fund this type of expansion. The good news is that the District paid off its previous debt in 2018, which means the mill levy went down by 2.785 mills at that time. 

Over the course of this spring and summer, the CVPRD Board of Directors will consider its options to finance this proposed expansion plan. One scenario is to ask voters to take the mill levy back to what it was pre-2018. For a home valued at $400,000, that would mean an increase of about $77/year or $6/month. That’s the cost of two coffees or one local craft beer per month.

Want to Learn More?

Check out this video for detailed information about the proposed plans. 

What Does this Mean for You?

To help you determine what this scenario would cost your specific household, we’ve created a property tax calculator. All you have to do is input the market value of your property to determine what the increase would be to have access to all these new great amenities.

Get started here!

Property tax calculator with spaces to enter price of house and tax rates

Additional Resources

Still looking for additional information or have more questions? Check out our Expansion Plan Resource Center. You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, downloadable fact sheets, and a link to the 2019 feasibility study. 

For more information please contact Dean Rummel, Executive Director of Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District, at or 720-728-8440.