Virtual Recreation Center

Welcome to the CVPRD virtual recreation center! This page was designed as a resource for the Carbon Valley community to utilize during this time of social distancing and to provide recreation programs for all ages to do in the comfort and safety of their home. Follow us on Facebook for more fun! 

For Coronovirus resources such as meal assistance programs and other helpful information click here.

Need to learn how to use Zoom?
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Fitness for Adults

Physical activity can be a valuable tool to help you remain calm and continue to protect your health during this stressful time. Take advantage of these free virtual fitness classes and stay active while you’re home practicing social distancing.

  • Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District Workouts
    CVPRD instructors want you to stay active. Check out some of the free fitness videos, which you can do safely at home, they recorded during the quarantine on YouTube or Facebook.
  • How do I use Zoom?
    Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to use Zoom or click here to watch a tutorial on YouTube.
  • Adventure, Baby! with Christine Knight - Free ballet class videos for kids and adults. 
  • Dance Dispatches - Free easy-to-follow ballet barre warm-ups.
    Do Yoga with Me - Free yoga videos for kids and adults. Most content on the site is free but some videos require a paid subscription. Videos that require a subscription will have an orange circle with a plus icon on them. 
  • Fitness Blender - A mix of free and paid workout videos for every fitness level.
  • Fitness with Joe - Free workout videos for kids and adults.
  • Men’s Health Workout - Workout you can do at home with no equipment
  • Senior Planet
    Senior Planet is a great resource for seniors. They are offering free enrichment, fitness and social programs online while we are all staying home.
  • SilverSneakers
    View free SilverSneakers workouts you can do at home by visiting their Facebook page at
  • Youtube Home Workout Routines - A list of 10 YouTube channels with a variety of free full at-home workouts. 

Fitness for Kids

Fun for All Ages

  • 50 Amazing Craft Ideas for Seniors
  • 87 Active Indoor Games and Activites to Burn Energy
  • 1000 Things to Do During COVID-19 - Online activities for kids, teens, families, and adults.
  • Alaskan Wildlife Viewingwebcams where you can watch wildlife
  • American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City - AMNH offers online learning materials for science fans of all ages. Their Ology science website provides games and activities for kids and covers a range of science topics, including archaeology, paleontology, astronomy and marine biology.
  • Artsology- Helps kids learn to appreciate the arts by providing them with the opportunity to play games, conduct investigations, and explore different forms of art.
  • California Science Center is livestreaming Stuck at Home Science - Every weekday at 10 a.m. PDT, they broadcast a new video series of science activities you can do at home.
  • Common Sense Media - a huge list of free activities
  • Concerts - a list compiled by Billboard of all the live streams and virtual concerts to watch during the coronavirus crisis.
  • Crafts by Amanda - Free arts and crafts ideas.
  • Color Our Collections offers free PDF downloads of coloring pages created from art in the collections of 117 institutions, including The New York Academy of Medicine Library, Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg, RISD Museum, the North Carolina Museum of Art, The Canadian Canoe Museum and The Royal Horticultural Society libraries.
  • Curiosity Rover - Explore the surface of Mars
  • Daily Doodle - Artist and writer Mo Willems (author of "Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!") is hosting daily Lunch Doodles video sessions every weekday at 1 p.m. EDT. Each daily episode is accompanied by a downloadable activity page. 
  • - Tons of free online preschool games.
  • Fluency and Fitness
    Educational brain breaks to help students review essential literacy and math skills, while getting in some exercise. Find over 900 videos to help your child keep learning at home and burn off some extra energy. Best for ages 4-8.
  • Free Arts and Crafts Resources for Home Learning This page is filled with arts and craft projects, interactive art games and activities, and links to virtual field trips. Special thanks to Carbon Valley residents Emma and Liam for sending us this great resource for everyone in the community to enjoy. 
  • Free Kids Crafts - Crafts to do at home with kids
  • Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum - All online programs and digital content are now available for free.
  • Ivy League Classes - Between Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, and the nation’s five other Ivy League schools, you can find more than 400 free, online classes aggregated on Search “Yale” alone for courses on anatomy, classical music, the global financial crisis, Roman architecture, and beyond.
  • Kids Think Design - Explores careers in fashion design, graphic design, interior design, book design, product design, film and theatre, architecture, animation, and environmental design.
  • Learn to Draw Mickey Mouse
  • Lulus - Fun fashion activities including jewelry making, knitting, and more. Special thanks to Michelle and her Girl Scout troop for sharing this link.  
  • The Magic Tree House has interactive games based on the adventures of Jack and Annie.
  • Make - Online Art Lessons - Watch free videos of their online art lessons. View their Facebook page for more videos at
  • Marvel HQ - Hang out with your favorite Marvel superheroes a Marvel HQ where you can play free online games featuring Spider-man, Captain America, Iron Man, the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and more. Also includes comics, cartoon videos and fun activities.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art - A wonderful, endlessly detailed way to get kids engaged in the world of art.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium - What could be more soothing than watching jellyfish drifting serenely through the water? In MeditOcean, the Monterey Bay Aquarium hosts a soothing 11-minute guided meditation video, featuring the undulating and graceful ballet of several aquarium jellyfish.
  • NASA (all ages) 
  • NASA 3D Models - Got a 3D printer? You can download digital 3D models from NASA and print miniature satellites, landing sites, asteroids, spacecraft, spacesuits and astronaut tools. 
  • Nova Labs at PBS - Teen science fans will nerd out over Nova Labs at PBS where they’ll discover multimedia experiences that combine video, animation and games to delve into fascinating scientific topics, such as polar ecosystems, solar storms and renewable energy. 
  • PBS KIDS and PBS LearningMedia are offering tools to help support learning at home, including educational videos and games from favorite series, and related skill-building offline activities. 
  • Play@Home Theater by Toys-R-Us includes DIY videos, indoor activity videos featuring movement and mindfulness, puzzles and word searches, Play-Doh projects, no-mess, digital coloring pages and more.
  • Saltdough Easter Egg Craft
  • Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Air and Space Anywhere webpage - virtual tours of the museum, and educational podcasts, games and activities about aircraft and spacecraft. And educators can turn to the museum’s K-12 learning resources for STEM lessons, activities and videos on topics such as flight, planetary science, space, and engineering and technology. 
  • San Diego Family Awesome Virtual Activities for Kids - a list of free story times, art and nature activities, museum tours and field trips, animal encounters and more.
  • Senior Planet  - Visit the site daily for virtual gatherings, new learning opportunities, and to make digital friends. Daily webinars on topics including: Learning how to use Zoom video conferencing software, how to do online shopping safely, virtual fitness classes, and more. Senior Planet Colorado hosts Lunch, Learn, Laugh, Live – a virtual Social Gathering where seniors can log in, have some conversation and a few laughs while living a new normal and not feeling isolated.
  • - More than 500 free online games including Free Cell, Solitaire and more. 
  • Space Racers, an animated series for preschoolers about spacefaring cadets at the Stardust Space Academy, also offers science-based lessons, games and space-related educational activities that families can explore together.
  • Story Time from Space  - A good story sounds even better when it’s read in microgravity. Story Time from Space sends children’s books to the International Space Station (ISS), where the books are read on video by astronauts as they orbit hundreds of miles above Earth.
  • The Louvre - Travel to Paris, France and see artwork at The Louvre on a virtual field trip.
  • The Occupational Therapy (OT) Tool Box - At home occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), and speech therapy (ST) resources designed to build skills in children through movement and play.
  • The Ultimate Road Trip - A list of the most visited national parks in the United States by year since 1980. It’s a great way to take a virtual summer road trip. Thanks so much to Carbon Valley residents Christie, Kayla, and GG for sharing this great website for everyone in the community to enjoy.
  • Virtual Disney Rides
  • Virtual Museum Tours - Fee online tours of 12 virtual museums.
  • Take a virtual field trip! More than 2,500 museums around the world have made their collections accessible online through Google Arts and Culture; you can also use Google to access virtual tours of national parks in the U.S. 
  • Yellowstone National Park - tour the park virutally and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  • Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
  • Zoom - Click here to view easy step-by-step instructions with screen shots on how to use Zoom or click here to use a helpful video tutorial on YouTube.

Pages with Lists of Free Online Resources and Activities
Kids Activities Blog

Things to Keep you Busy at Home

  • Dive into a good book.
  • Start your spring cleaning.
  • Test old pens and markers and throw old ones out. 
  • Catch up on podcasts.
  • Check out a book online from your library.
  • Make your favorite recipe or try a new one - if you have the ingredients at home.
  • Get crafty by doing a craft you love or googling how to do a new one.
  • Clean up your DVR by watching shows you haven’t had time to watch
  • Watch movies
  • Complete a puzzle
  • Start a journal or blog
  • Face masks, moisturizer, oh my! Treat yourself to a 10-step skin care routine you don’t have time for during a normal work week.
  • Clean out your junk drawer
  • Have a space in your home where all of the tupperware goes? Organize it and actually match lids to containers.
  • Go rollerblading or skateboarding.
  • Use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Marco Polo to video chat with your long-distance friends.
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Knit or crochet
  • Coloring books: They’re not just for kids.
  • Actually try to reproduce something you see on Pinterest.
  • Shred old documents
  • Finally get around to fixing that broken door knob and loose tile or cleaning scuffed up walls.
  • Throw out all your too-old makeup and products.
  • Go through your camera roll, pick your favorite pics from the past year and make a photo book or order framed versions online.
  • Make a list of things for which you are grateful
  • No March Madness? Have a Scrabble tournament. Or Bananagrams. Pictionary, anyone?
  • Play Words with Friends or other online games
  • Do your income taxes
  • Update or write your will and organize your affairs. Yes, it sounds melodramatic and morbid but let’s face it: This is a task many of us avoid because we never have the time. Now we do.
  • Do crossword or Sudoku puzzles or a word search
  • Get some fresh air
  • Tune up that guitar or other instrument and learn something new.
  • Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time and reconnect.
  • Listen to an audiobook. You can download lots for free, or borrow for free from libraries.
  • Clean your pet’s aquarium or bed
  • Exercise
  • Play with your pets
  • Organize your photos
  • Meditate
  • Play hide and seek
  • Paint your nails
  • Clean the garage or basement
  • Clean out your car
  • Bake
  • Play Charades
  • Play video games
  • Paint a room
  • Create a vision board
  • Go through your closets and find things to donate to those in need
  • Have a picnic in your family room
  • Make a blanket fort
  • Set up your tent inside and have a campout
  • Clean out your refrigerator
  • Update your resume
  • Balance your checkbook, if you have one, or organize your receipts.
  • Get lots of rest and stay positive!

Outdoor Activities

Here are a few ideas for some fun things you can do outdoors. Be sure to practice social distancing and take precautions to stay safe and healthy.

  • Take a walk 
  • Go for a run
  • Ride your bike
  • Go for a drive
  • Go for a hike
  • Hit the lake and go kayaking or paddle boarding
  • Decorate your sidewalk or driveway with sidewalk chalk
  • Play in your yard
  • Shoot some hoops in your driveway
  • Hide and find Easter eggs
  • Play a game of hide and seek

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