Board Election 2018

2018 Board Election Results

The Canvasser Board has certified the Election Ballots and the official Board Candidates are as followed:

Frederick 2-Year Term
Tracy McBee – 21
Fabio Natal – 12

Frederick 4-Year Term
Tina Cunningham – 26

Firestone 2-Year Term
Gary Mares – 21
Lita Marie Reser – 20

Firestone 4-Year Term
Franklin M. Campbell – 12
Raymond E. Gilmore – 28

Kevin F. Grinstead – 32

Duane Day ran uncontested for the Dacono 2-year seat. Cody Childers holds the 4-year seat for Dacono. His term expires in May of 2020.

The Board of Directors election will take place on Tuesday, May 8 from 7 am - 7 pm at the Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District, 701 5th Street, Frederick. It is a walk-in election which means voting takes place at the Carbon Valley Recreation Center, ballots are not mailed to residents. Residents will vote only for the candidates in the City which they reside and at-large candidates. For example, Firestone residents may only vote for the candidates running for seats in Firestone. Questions? Call 303-833-3660.

Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District Board of Directors Candidates

Director District No. 1: Dacono – 4 Year

Duane Day
I am a current Board Member for Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation and was appointed by the Board of Directors in December of 2017 to fill an empty seat for the City of Dacono. My hope is to continue serving all three communities in the District and enhance and improve the District’s use and offerings to all new and current residents.

I am a Colorado native who was born in Denver and raised in Westminster and Thornton. My family bought a house in the Sweetgrass area of Dacono a little over two years ago and we really love the Carbon Valley area. I have been married to my wife Shelly for 10 years and we have a son, Chandler, who is currently finishing up his sophomore year at CSU in Fort Collins. As a family, we enjoy Colorado and all it has to offer.

I have worked in Information technology as a Systems Administrator and Engineer for well over 25 years. I have worked at my current company for five years and worked at Hewlett Packard for 16 years prior to that. I attained an associate degree in electronic technology in 1991 from Denver Institute of Technology.

Director District No. 2: Frederick – 2 Year

David Halleck
§ 1-13.5-304, C.R.S.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District - FREDERICK, Weld County, Colorado, that, pursuant to Section 1-13.5-304, C.R.S., a candidate has caused his name to be withdrawn from nomination for the election to be held on May 8, 2018.

The following candidate has caused his name to be withdrawn from nomination and any votes cast for this candidate will not be counted:
Name: David Halleck
Term: Next Regular Election, May 2020

/s/ Ashley B. Frisbie
(Deputy Designated Election Official)

Contact Person for the District:Abbigail Hebert
Telephone Number of the District:(303) 833-3660
Address of the District:340 Maple Street, Frederick, CO 80530
District Facsimile Number:(303) 833-7068

Tracy McBee
I am running for CVPRD Board of Directors because I feel I can best represent the recreational health of our community with my unique perspective, education and experience.

I have been a certified water aerobics instructor for 12 years. I currently work part-time as an Aquafit instructor for the district. I have worked for both private health clubs and public recreation districts. My experience working inside these facilities gives me insight into running a full-service operation. I’m not only an employee, I’m also a patron. Meaning you and I share similar views on how things are today and what we want them to look like in the future. Carbon Valley is one of the fastest growing communities along the front range. The choices we make today will impact our recreational health for years to come.

I have a bachelor’s in organizational management (emphasis on organizational behavior) and Accounting. I also have an MBA in Information Communication Technology. This blend of learning gives me a strong foundation for understanding both the financial and human resources needed to run a successful business.

I currently work for one of the country’s largest telecommunications companies, but my first career was in hospitality where I managed guest services and facility operations.

As a guest services manager, I was responsible for ensuring customers received a quality experience for a fair price. My primary focus as facility manager was to keep the property clean and in proper working order. Both are attributes our community should expect from CVPRD.

I look forward to putting my experience to work representing Frederick’s recreational health.

Fabio Natal
My name is Fabio Natal, I was born & raised in Pelham, New York. Once I graduated from High School I decided to join the U.S. Air Force as an Aircraft Mechanic. I was stationed in Dyess AFB, Texas and Clark AB, Philippines, during my service I had the opportunity to fly all over the Pacific. I've had extensive visits to Turkey, & England, also during my time in England, I was selected to meet Prince Charles during a static airshow. After some time I decided to take some College courses but at that phase of my life I didn't complete my B.S. Degree that I was shooting for. Upon separation from the Military I was hired in Miami, Fla by an Airline named Southern Air Transport during my time  I was promoted to Leadman, Foreman & General Foreman. I set up maintenance stations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Anchorage, Alaska along with Providence, Rhode Island.

I have lived in several cities such as Miami, Fla, Anchorage, AK, Abilene, TX, Philippines, Dubai UAE and Incirlik, Turkey.  When I hit my 40's I decided to finish what I had started my B.S. in Aviation Technology. I graduated from Everglades University with my B.S. on 23 August 2008 with honors. I have 3 lovely daughters named Nicole, Chelsea & Rachel along with 2 grandsons named Leyton & Logan. I have been residing in Colorado for 18 years now which I am proud to call my home. I presently work for a Aviation Corporation named FEAM Headquartered out of Miami, Fla. as a West Coast Regional Manager and I oversee 140 Technicians. I have recently became part of the John Maxwell Leadership Team and I now Coach, Teach & Speak about Leadership.

Director District No. 2: Frederick – 4 Year

Tina Cunningham
Tina Cunningham has a diverse nursing, leadership, risk management and informatics background in acute care, home health, hospice, and long-term care.

She currently works as an Assistant Administrator of Health Services and the Director of Quality and Compliance throughout the continuum of care in a Life Plan Community that includes Skilled Nursing, Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Home Care, and Independent Living.  

Tina is passionate about the provision of care and supportive services for the fastest growing and largest segment of our population, our senior population.

Tina lives in Frederick with her husband Randy, and they enjoy spending time with their 5 children and 4 grandchildren.  In their free time, she and Randy enjoy traveling and being part of an RV group.

Director District No. 3: Firestone – 2 Year

Gary Mares
I have been a resident of Firestone for the past 13 years along with my wife, Sheli, a 1989 Frederick High School alumnus. We have three children who have and continue to participate in programs through CVPRD. All five of us enjoy and take advantage of the amenities provided by the Carbon Valley Rec Center.

I am a PE teacher and coach (softball, Unified Basketball) at Horizon High School, and have worked in the Adams 12 Five Star School District since 1993. Since 1991, I have held high school coaching positions in softball, boys and girls basketball, football, and baseball.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics (Tabor College) and a master’s in Human Performance and Physical Education (Adams State University).

Lita Reser
My name is Lita Reser and I am a candidate for the CVPRD Board of Directors; District 3 Firestone two-year term.I am currently finishing up a 4-year term on the Rec Board.  With 6 out of the 7 Board positions up for election, I felt that some continuity was necessary.

I have lived in Firestone for 38 years and in the time, I’ve been everything from patron, lifeguard, water safety instructor, field supervisor and Board member.  My sons (who are in their 30’s) learned how to swim at the original Rec center building.  They played t-ball, basketball, soccer etc. thanks to our Rec District.
I’ve experienced the Rec District from all of these angles and I feel that all of this history can only help in looking to the future.  

Director District No. 3: Firestone – 4 Year

Franklin M. Campbell
No bio was provided.
Raymond E. Gilmore
I would like to introduce himself to all the voters in the Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District.  
My name is Raymond E. Gilmore.  My wife Cynthia and I moved to Firestone in December of 2013.  We live in Monarch Estates subdivision where I currently serve as the President of the HOA.  We both really like the area and are glad to be living in Firestone.  We are grandparents of three grown sons and have seven grandchildren.  

I am retired from the military after have served in the Army in Vietnam and then almost 28 years in the Air National Guard.  While with the Colorado ANG I held positions in the Command Post and was the Wing Commanders First Sergeant for 10 years.  I finished my career with the State Counter Drug Program as well as performing as the Commanders Human Resource Advisor.  

I have 17 years’ experience in the Petroleum Industry and worked for 10 years after retiring from the military as the office administrator for a Fire and Security company in Denver.  
Currently I own my own business as an On-Camera and Voiceover Actor in Denver area for the past 14 years.  

I would like to serve on the Board of Directors for the Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District. I believe that I can contribute as a member of the board as required and to perform the duties as necessary to achieve the common goals as established and to always operate within the guidelines as outlined by the district.  Our Tri-City area has really grown in the past 10 years and we deserve a recreation facility that will meet the growing needs of our district residents. I feel that we can meet those needs and expectations and still be fiscally responsible.  The challenges are great however they are not impossible and with his many years of various experiences I want to be a part of that process.  I believe I would be a positive addition to the board.  

In closing, I would appreciate the opportunity to serve the district honorably and honestly.  I have the time to perform the duties required and would appreciate the chance to do so.  

Director District No. 4 – At Large

Kevin F. Grinstead
No bio was provided.