Staff Directory

Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District Main Line: (303) 833-3660

Administrative Assistant
Abbigail Hebert
Email Abbigail Hebert
Aquatics CoordinatorMelissa Porterfield120Email Melissa Porterfield
Athletics CoordinatorKelly Gray124Email Kelly Gray
Athletics CoordinatorRandy Reed115Email Randy Reed
ControllerJacquelyn Tramper
104Email Randy Reed
Executive Director
Dean Rummel
101Email Dean Rummel
Fitness and Wellness Coordinator
Suzi Shankweiler
114Email Suzi Shankweiler
Guest Services Coordinator
Debbie St. Michel112Email Debbie St. Michel
Gymnastics CoordinatorLynn Matthews116Email Lynn Matthews
Human ResourcesAmanda Crouse
102Email Amanda Crouse
Maintenance Supervisor
Blaine Shirley
118Email Blaine Shirley
Marketing and CommunicationsHeather Hammarstrom105Email Heather Hammarstrom
Programs Manager
Kelly Olson
111Email Kelly Olson
Recreation Manager
Kathy Lind
113Email Kathy Lind
Youth Programs Coordinator
Bryce Simonds
103Email Bryce Simonds