Square State Skate

Run by professional educators, Square State Skate has more experience engaging youth, directing programs and skating with kids than any other program around. Their commitment to families and the community is paramount and their techniques are unmatched when it comes to helping kids grow and learn, both on and off the skateboard. 

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Bring a skateboard, helmet (other pads recommended), water bottle, sunscreen and a snack. All programs are held at the Frederick Skate Park, 5878 CR 18, Frederick.

Square State After School Club

We welcome skaters of all skill levels as we will work on learning new skills and tricks in those important hours after school. Build up to advanced park riding as we explore all of the different features of the amazing new Frederick Skatepark. Come make new friends, play some skate-related games, have trick clinics, learn about skateboarding history, and enjoy the unique and active skateboarding community. Age: 6-14 years

Dates:  April 12, April 19, April 26, May 3, May 11, May 17, May 24 (Mondays)
Class will NOT be held on days school is out of session.
Time: 4-5:30 pm
District: $25/day  Non-District: $33/day

Square State Skate’s Saturday session

Start your weekend off with some on-board active engagement. We skate together, play skate-related games, work on new skills and tricks, learn about skateboarding history, and just enjoy the unique skateboarding community. A helmet and a skateboard required (please inform us if a loaner is needed). Also bring some energy and your smile and start your Saturdays with a like-minded community of goofballs!  Age: 5-15 years

Dates: April 10, May 8 (second Saturdays)
Time: 9-10:30 am
District Fee: $30/day  Non-District Fee: $39/day  

Summer Skate lessons

Learn how to safely progress while having fun on your skateboard!  In this instruction-based program, we welcome skaters of all ages as we set building blocks for safety and learning on board or challenge yourself with new tricks. Come make new friends and learn to be safe and confident while exploring all the features of the new Frederick Skatepark. Age: 5-15 years

Dates: Monday - Friday
June 7-11
July 5-9
August 2-6
Time: 8:30-10 am
District Fee: $125/week  Non-District Fee: $164/week

Full Day Skate Camps

The mobile program is tailored to more confident skateboarders as we explore some of the best parks in the Front Range. We'll skate our “home park” in the morning – the brand new Team Pain-built Frederick Park - before jumping on our Skate Bus to check out different parks in the area, explore a variety of terrain and skate with sponsored skaters from the area. Gain confidence with the different facets of street and skatepark riding, from safety and etiquette to advanced park riding. Come make new friends, have fun, and be a part of our active skateboard community. Age: 8-15 years

Dates: Monday - Friday
June 14-18
July 19-23
August 9-13
Time: 8:30 am-3:30 pm
District Fee: $90/day or $399/week   Non-District Fee: $117/day or $519/week