Feasibility Study

The Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District is finalizing a feasibility study regarding the growth of the District’s services and programs. The community has had multiple opportunities to give feedback about their recreation wants and needs via statistically valid mail surveys, online surveys, open houses, community stakeholder meetings, and intercept events where they have gathered great information and desires from many community members. 

The data gathered from the survey revealed that the top desired growth areas include:

  • Outdoor pool
  • Additional recreation center
  • Athletic fields

The study also indicates the desired location for the possible growth (new build) is at Central Park in Firestone next to the library.

A group of community members have been utilizing the data to design concepts with the consulting firm Barker Rinker Seacat to help develop what future plans could look like. More information and final concepts will be available within the next month and a half. The District will be conducting large community outreach efforts to educate the public about the possibility and options for future development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CVPRD planning to build a new recreation center in Barefoot Lakes? 
No, a private recreation center was built in Barefoot Lakes for their homeowners.

If the District Were to build new facilities, will it’s current facilities close? 
No, our existing facilities will not close if the District were to expand. 

For questions and/or comments it is highly recommended that community members contact Dean Rummel, Executive Director of Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District, at drummel@cvprd.com or 720-728-8440 x 101.