Aqua Fit Classes

Class fees are included with daily admission or membership. Participant cards are given out at guest services for each class and must be given to the instructor in order to participate. Youth 10-13 years old must be accompanied by an adult/guardian to attend class. Participation is also at the discretion of the instructor. Classes are subject or may be cancelled at the discretion of the Aquatics Department. Child care is available in KidZone for your convenience.
Water weights, noodles, flotation belts, balls, kick boards and other pool-based equipment will be utilized. Water shoes and basic swimming skills are recommended for most aqua fItness classes but are not required. For classes that involve the deep end of the pool, swimming skills and/or flotation belt are required. Water shoes are recommended for all river classes.

Aqua Fitness Schedule5-2018 Summer Lap Pool Schedule (003)

Class Descriptions

Aqua Boot Camp
Intervals, plyometrics, and drills in the hydrodynamic pool environment results in an explosive workout.

Aqua Power
Get your heart pumping during this moderate intensity full-body workout. Class includes both cardio and muscle conditioning segments using a variety of equipment followed by active stretching.

Aqua Tone
Build stamina and muscle conditioning while using a variety of equipment and formats.

Cardio Waves
A fast-paced river class designed to challenge and condition the entire body by working with and against
the current for an intense workout.

Circuit training is one of the most effective forms of training. Learn how to build your endurance and increase your muscular strength in this efficient and fast-paced workout.

Deep Water Aqua Tone

Using belts and noodles for support in the deep end, exercises challenge the core without joint stress or pounding. Comfort in deep water recommended.

Power Waves
A great full-body workout in the river. Alternate between aerobic intervals and active recovery providing a great cardio and caloric burning workout.

This class allows for less stress on the joints and muscles, helps prevent overheating during exercise, and gives expecting moms a safe, fun, and effective workout.

River Insanity
The river is transformed into a high-energy, cardio workout using the current for a variety of interval and resistance training.

Sha-Deep 360
This class is a well-rounded combination of cardio, resistance, core, and balance. You will use both shallow and deep water to achieve a total-body workout. Floatation aids are available for deep water portion of class.