Track and Field/Cross-Country

Mission and Purpose

To provide exceptional community-based Athletic programs for all ages by providing quality service to all participants and offering a safe and well-maintained environment where our customers can gather for a fun and enjoyable experience.


  • Learning all fundamental and basic sport-specific skills, and establishing building blocks for overall improvement
  • Teaching the value of teamwork and becoming an effective member of a team
  • Teach sportsmanship and fair play by emphasizing proper treatment of teammates, coaches, opponents and officials
  • Create opportunities for the customers of all three communities to connect and build relationships and friendships through sports programs

CVPRD has partnered with Rock Creek Track Club (RCTC) to offer recreational track and field as well as cross country programing to the Carbon Valley Area. RCTC offers athletic development and training for versatile student-athletes to prepare them for life, sports, and beyond. Their goals are to focus on running form mechanics, speed, agility, strength, and sports movement to improve athletic performance while building fitness.


RCTC Wolf Tracks (Track & Field) 

Rock Creek Track Club is offering a fall track and field session to introduce the fundamental skills and events to students ages 5 - 10. Students will learn, practice, and compete in the 100 meter dash, long jump, shot put, mini-javelin, team relays, 80 meter hurdles, and the 400 meter run. $25 t-shirt fee may apply. 

Session Dates: Coming soon in 2023
Fee: $120 District, $180 Non-District

Program Outline:

  • Session 1 - Introduction to Track & Field
  • Session 2 - Sprinting and Hurdling
  • Session 3 - Middle Distance Sprinting and Relays
  • Session 4 - Throwing Events: Shot Put and Mini-Javelin
  • Session 5 - Sprinting and Long Jump
  • Session 6 - Middle Distance Sprinting and Distance
  • Session 7 - Hurdling and Relays
  • Session 8 - Throwing Events: Shot Put and Mini-Javelin
  • Session 9 - Sprinting and Long Jump
  • Session 10 - Competition Day

RCTC Wolf Run (Cross-Country) 

Wolf Run introduces the fundamental skills and terminology of running to youth. Students will learn about cross country running, receive an introduction to running workouts, and build aerobic endurance. $25 t-shirt fee may apply. Age: 8 - 13

Session Dates: Coming Soon in 2023
Fee: $120 District, $180 Non-District

Program Outline:

  • Session 1 - Introduction to Cross Country
  • Session 2  - Running Form 
  • Session 3  - Base Running/Aerobic Running Introduction
  • Session 4  - Long Running
  • Session 5 - Mile Pace (Test Mile) 
  • Session 6  - Middle Distance Sprinting 
  • Session 7  - Long Running
  • Session 8 - Tempo Running
  • Session 9 - Anaerobic Running
  • Session 10 - Competition Day! Run 1 mile or 2 miles 

For information about RCTC Director Jesse Fassler click here.

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